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Sr # Book
1 Engineering Mechanics by Khurmi R.S.
2 Basic Engineering Thermodynamics by A. Venkatesh
3 Introduction To Special Relativity And Space Science by S. P. Singh
4 Antenna Theory - Analysis and Design by C.A. Balanis
5 Measurement Systems by E. O. Doebelin And D. N. Manik
7 1000 solved Problems in Fluid Mechanics includes Hydraulic machines by K.Subramanya
8 Basic Mathematics for Electricity and Electronics by Arthur Beiser
9 Measurement Systems by E. O. Doebelin And D. N. Manik
10 Electronic Communication Systems by Roy Blake
11 Solid State Devices by B. S. Nair and S. R. Deepa
12 MECHANICS OF SOLIDS by S.S. Bhavikatti
13 Introduction To Numerical Methods In Chemical Engineering by P. Ahuja
14 Principles of Mass Transfer and Separation Process by Binay K. Dutta
15 hjkh by j
16 Advance Semiconductor Devices by Neelam Singh, B. P. Singh
17 Heat And Mass Transfer by Vijay K. Dwivedi
18 Strength of Materials by Dr.R.K.Bansal
19 Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics by Meriam, J. L., & Kraige, L. G.
20 Electrical Machines-II by U.A. Bakshi and M.V. Bakshi
21 Electric Circuits by M. Navhi And J. A. Edminister
22 Pattern Classification by R. O. Duda, P. E. Hart and D. G. Stork
23 Power Electronics by S.C Tripathy
24 Linear Control Systems by B. S. Manke
25 Digital Electronics: Circuits And Systems by V K Puri
26 An Introduction to Electrical Machines and Transformers by G. Mcphersion
27 Electric Machines by C. I. Hubert
28 Electrical Machines by Imtiaz Ashraf , M.A.Mallick
29 Radar Systems by V.S.Bagad
30 An Introduction To Numerical Analysis by K. E. Atkinson
31 Elementary Numerical Analysis: An Algorithmic Approach by SD Conte And C de Boor
32 Fiber optic Communication Systems by G. Agrawal
33 Signals And Systems by I. J. Nagrath, S. N. Sharan And R. Ranjan
34 A Textbook of Electrical Technology AC and DC Machines by A K Theraja B L Thereja
35 Strength Of Materials by S S Bhavikatti
36 Machine Design-I by Dr. Sadhu Singh
37 Physical Chemistry by D. Farrington
38 Modern physics for engineers by S.P.Taneja
39 Basic Electronics by Rakesh Kumar Garg, Ashish Dixit & Paban Yadav
40 Introduction to Heat Transfer by S. K. Som
41 Introduction to Power Electronics by V. Jagannathan
42 Solid State Physics Principles And Applications by R. Asokamani
43 A Textbook Of Machine Design by R. S. Khurmi And J. K. Gupta
44 Thermal Engineering by R.Rudramoorthy
45 Engineering Mechanics by R.K Bansal
46 Engineering Mechanics by S.S Bhavikatti,A.Vittal Hegde
47 Schaum's Outline of Mechanical Vibrations (Schaum's Outline Series) by S Graham Kelly
48 Solid State Drives by V. Thiyagarajan
49 .Wireless Communications and Networking by Willam Stallings
50 Modern Engineering Physics by K. Vijaya Kumar, S. Chandralingam
51 Electronics Devices and Circuits by Millman and Halkias
52 Fundamentals of Turbomachinery by W. W. Peng
53 Worked Examples In Engineering In Si Units, Volume Iii, Electrical Engineering by M. Bates
54 Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications by Simon Haykin, Michael Mohrer
55 Electrical Machine Design by Sawhney AK
56 Fundamental of Heat and Mass Transfer by C.P. Kothandharaman
57 Engineering Physics by D. C. Ghosh, N. C. Ghosh and P. K. Haldar
59 Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics by Hibler and Gupta
60 Applied Chemistry by J. A. Parikh
61 The Elements of Physical Chemistry by S. Glasstone
62 Antenna and Wave Propogation by U. A. Bakshi and A. V. Bakshi
63 Introduction to electrical power and power electronics by MUKUND R. PATEL
64 Pattern Recognition: An Introduction by V. Susheela Devi and M. Narasimha Murty
65 Electronics A Systems Approach by Neil Storey
66 Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning by G.F. Hundy, A.A. Trott. and le. Welch
67 Engineering Physics by T. Sreekanth, K. V. Kumar And S. Chandralingam
68 Modern Power System Analysis by D.P Kothari and I.J. Nagrath
69 Fiber Optic Communication Technology by Djafar K. Mynbaev,Lowell L.Scheiner