Chapter1, Review of Electromagnetics and Transmission Lines

Example No. 1.1.1, page 1-3

In [3]:
from __future__ import division
f1=100 #kHz
f2=1 #MHz
f3=10 #MHz
c=3*10**8 #m/s
lamda1=c/(f1*10**3) #m
lamda2=c/(f2*10**6) #m
lamda3=c/(f3*10**6) #m
print "At 100kHz, wavelength = %0.f km " %(lamda1/1000) 
print "At 1MHz, wavelength = %0.f m " %lamda2 
print "At 10MHz, wavelength = %0.f m "%lamda3
At 100kHz, wavelength = 3 km 
At 1MHz, wavelength = 300 m 
At 10MHz, wavelength = 30 m