Chapter 20 : Load Frequency Control

Example 20.1, Page No 676

In [1]:
import math
#initialisation of variables
#let x MW flows from A to B
#Load on station A=75+x
#%drop in speed =5*(75+x)/200
#load on station B =(30-x)
#%drp in speed=(30-x)*4/75
x=(1.6-1.875)/(.025+.12+.0533) #by manipulating equation : 5*(75+x)/200 + 3*x/25 =(30-x)*4/75 

print("x=%.2f MW\n" %x)
print("which means power of magnitude %.2f MW will be from B to A" %abs(x))
x=-1.39 MW

which means power of magnitude 1.39 MW will be from B to A

Example 20.2, Page No 676

In [2]:
import math
#initialisation of variables
x=(250*11.0)/(21.0+11)		# by manipulating equation : 5x/110=5x(250-x)/210
P=250-x						#Power shared by 210 MW unit 

print("Power supplied by 210 MW unit = %.2f MW \n" %P)
Power supplied by 210 MW unit = 164.06 MW 

Example 20.3, Page No 677

In [3]:
import math
#initialisation of variables
E=4.5*100		#Energy stored at no load(MJ)
E1=25*.6		#Energy lost by rotor(MJ)


print("New frequency will be %.2f Hz" %fnew)
New frequency will be 49.16 Hz