Ch-5 : Special Diodes

Page No. 132 Exmaple 5.1.

In [2]:
from math import log
thetaM=4.26 #work function
chi=4.01 #electron affinity
print "The barrier height for N-type material is,"
print "    Theta_BN = Theta_M - Chi = %0.2f V"%thetaBN
print "The built-in potential is given by,"
print "    Theta_IN = Theta_BN - (kT/q)*ln(NC/ND) =%0.2f V"%thetaIN 
# answer in the textbook is wrong, even if we take log10 we get a answer 0.047.
The barrier height for N-type material is,
    Theta_BN = Theta_M - Chi = 0.25 V
The built-in potential is given by,
    Theta_IN = Theta_BN - (kT/q)*ln(NC/ND) =-0.22 V