Ch-23, Captive Power Generation

example:23.1 Page:500

In [1]:
sp=11*10**3;pc=300*10**6 ; ir=0.15 ;lp=15 ;fc=7 ;eff=0.35; cv=10100; mc=0.02; lf=0.8 ;er=860  #let the given variable be --sp=size of plant ,pc=project cost,ir=interest rate,lp=life of the plant,fc=fuel cost,eff=efficiency,cv=calorific value,er=860,mc=maintenance cost,lf=load factor,
cac=pc/sp #let the variable cac be captel cost
print "capitel cost is %.1f/kW"%(cac)
crf=ir/crfd #crf=capitel cost recovery factor
print "CRF=%.3f"%(crf)
anfc=cac*crf #anual fixed cost is prodect of capitel cost and capitel recovery factor
print "annual fixed cost is Rs%.2f/kW"%(anfc)
hr=er/eff #heat rate is energy ratedivided by efficiency
print "heat rate is %fcal/kWh"%(hr) 
gpf=cv/hr #kW generated per liter is division of calorific value to hr
print "number of kWh generated per liter of fuel is %.2fkWh/litre"%(gpf)
fcp=fc/gpf #fuel cost per unit is fuel cost divided by generated per liter
print "fuel cost per unit Rs%fper kWh"%(fcp)
aomc=cac*mc #annual operation and maintenence cost
print "annual operation cost Rs.%.4f/kW"%(aomc)
print "annual fixed, operation and maintence cost Rs.%.2f/kW"%(afom)
egpy=8760*lf #energy generated is 24*12*60
print "energygenerated per year is %dkWh"%(egpy)
print "annual fixed operation and maintenence cost per kWh of energy %.4f/kWh"%(afomc)
gco=fcp+afomc #generated cost is sum of fuel cost and maintenence cost
print "generated cost is Rs%.4f/kWh"%(gco)
capitel cost is 27272.0/kW
annual fixed cost is Rs4663.98/kW
heat rate is 2457.142857cal/kWh
number of kWh generated per liter of fuel is 4.11kWh/litre
fuel cost per unit Rs1.702970per kWh
annual operation cost Rs.545.4400/kW
annual fixed, operation and maintence cost Rs.5209.42/kW
energygenerated per year is 7008kWh
annual fixed operation and maintenence cost per kWh of energy 0.7434/kWh
generated cost is Rs2.4463/kWh

example:23.2 page:501

In [2]:
sp=25*10**3 #size of the plant
cc=800*10**6  #capital cost
ir=0.1    #interest rate
lp=20    #life of the plant
mc=0.05  #maintence cost
lf=0.6   #load factor 
sub=0.3  #subsidy
print "net capital cost Rs%d*10**6 \nnet capital cost per KW Rs%f/kW \ncrf %f \nannual fixed cost Rs%d per kW \nannual operation and maintenance cost Rs%dper kW \nTotal annual cost Rs%dper kW \nAnnual energy generated per kW of plant capacity %.1fkWh \ngeneration cost Rs%.3fkWh"%(nc/(10**6),nck,crf,afc,aomc,tac,aeg,gc)
net capital cost Rs560*10**6 
net capital cost per KW Rs22400.000000/kW 
crf 0.117460 
annual fixed cost Rs2631 per kW 
annual operation and maintenance cost Rs1120per kW 
Total annual cost Rs3751per kW 
Annual energy generated per kW of plant capacity 5256.0kWh 
generation cost Rs0.714kWh

Problem:23.11.2 Page:505

In [3]:
pp=11 #power capacity
cost=35 #cost of the system
In=0.14 #interest
lis=30 #life of system
sv=0.15 #salvage value
es=13.5*10**6 #energy sent
los=0.05 #losses
omc=0.02 #O&M charges
gr=0.006 #general revenue
print "rate of depreciation is %.3fpercent \ntotal annual cost is Rs.%.5f lakhs/year \nenergy received per year %ekWh/year \nwheeling charges Rs%f"%(rd,tac,ery,wc)
rate of depreciation is 2.833percent 
total annual cost is Rs.6.80167 lakhs/year 
energy received per year 1.282500e+07kWh/year 
wheeling charges Rs0.053034