Chapter4 Series and Parallel Connection of Thyristors

Example 4.1, 13

In [1]:
import math
Vc=3500    #voltage rating of circuit
Vt=750     #voltage rating of each thyristor
Ic=1500    #current rating of circuit
It=500     #current rating of each thyristor
DF=0.1     #Derating factor of circuit
Ns=Vc/(Vt*(1-DF))   #number of devices in series
print 'Number of Devices in Series=',Ns
Np=Ic/(It*(1-DF))   #number of devices in parallel
print 'Number of Devices in Parallel=',Np
Number of Devices in Series= 5.0
Number of Devices in Parallel= 3.0

Example 4.2, 13

In [2]:
import math
Ed=20.0    #permissible difference in voltage across devices in Volts
Id=1*10**-3   #maximum difference in latching current across devices in Amperes
Qd=10.0          #difference in recovery charge in Micro coloumbs
Vd=20.0         #permissible difference in blocking voltage in Volts
R=Ed/Id       #equivalent resistance in Ohms
print 'value of equivalent resistance=R=',R1,'ohms'
C1=Qd/Vd   #equivalent capacitance in Micro farads
print 'value of equivalent capacitance=C1=',C1,'microfarads'
value of equivalent resistance=R= 20000.0 ohms
value of equivalent capacitance=C1= 0.5 microfarads