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Solid State Physics Principles And Applications

Click to view -Chapter 1 Structure of Solids

The lattice parameter of fcc strucure

Click to view -Chapter 2 Bonding in Solids

The binding energy

Click to view -Chapter 6 Semiconductor Physics

Plot of ln (sigma) vs 1/T

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Chapter 1 Structure of Solids Download
Chapter 2 Bonding in Solids Download
Chapter 3 Speci c Heat of Solids and Lattice Vibrations Download
Chapter 4 Free Electron Theory of Metals Download
Chapter 5 Band Theory of Solids Download
Chapter 6 Semiconductor Physics Download
Chapter 8 Magnetism Download
Chapter 9 Superconductivity Download

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Author:    R. Asokamani
Publisher:    Anamaya Publishers & New Delhi
ISBN:    81-88342-07-6
Contributor:    ajinkya khair
Institute/Organization:    V.E.S.I.T.
Department/Designation:    Electronic and telecommunication
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Solid State Physics Principles And Applications