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Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

Click to view -CHAPTER 6 Condensers and Cooling Towers

Cooling Rating

Click to view -Chapter 10 Component Selection and Balancing


Click to view -Chapter 29 Commissioning and Maintenance

LMTD at 85 percentage air flow

Chapters Download Links
CHAPTER 1 Fundmentals Download
CHAPTER 2 The Refrigeration Cycle Download
CHAPTER 6 Condensers and Cooling Towers Download
Chapter 10 Component Selection and Balancing Download
Chapter 11 Installation and Construction Download
Chapter 15 Cold storage Download
Chapter 18 Refrigeration Load Estimation Download
Chapter 21 Air Treatment Fundamentals Download
Chapter 22 Practical Air Treatment Cycles Download
Chapter 23 Air-Conditioning Load Estimation Download
Chapter 24 Air Movement Download
CHAPTER 25 Air-Conditioning Methods Download
Chapter 29 Commissioning and Maintenance Download
Chapter 30 Efficiency, Running Cost and Carbon Footprint Download

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Author:    G.F. Hundy, A.A. Trott. and le. Welch
Publisher:    Elsevier Ltd
ISBN:    978-0-7506-8519-1
Contributor:    KARTHIKEYAN S
Institute/Organization:    Free lancer
Department/Designation:    CSE
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning