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Miller & Freund's Probability and Statistics for Engineers

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Exponential Density Function

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Confidence Intervals

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Logarithm & Exponential Graphs

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 7 Introduction Download
Chapter 8 Organization and Description of Data Download
Chapter 6 Probability Download
Chapter 5 Probability Distributions Download
Chapter 4 Probability Densities Download
Chapter 3 Sampling Distributions Download
Chapter 1 Inferences Concerning a Mean Download
Chapter 2 Comparing Two Treatments Download
Chapter 16 Inferences Concerning Variances Download
Chapter 15 Inferences Concerning Proportions Download
Chapter 14 Regression Analysis Download
Chapter 13 Analysis of Variance Download
Chapter 12 Factorial Experimentation Download
Chapter 11 Nonparametric Tests Download
Chapter 10 The Statistical content of Quality Improvement Programs Download
Chapter 9 Applications to Reliability and Life Testing Download

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Author:    Richard A. Johnson
Publisher:    PHI Learning Private Limited(New Delhi)
ISBN:    978-81-203-4213-2
Contributor:    Ashvini Jindal
Institute/Organization:    NIT Warangal
Department/Designation:    CSE
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Miller & Freund's Probability and Statistics for Engineers