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Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

Click to view -Chapter 10 Open Channel Flow

Surface Elevation

Click to view -Chapter 9 Flow Over Immersed Bodies

Drag Force

Click to view -Chapter 11 Compressible Flow

Seconds when plance over-passes

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1 Introduction Download
Chapter 2 Fluid Statistics Download
Chapter 3 Elementary Fluid Dynamics Download
Chapter 4 Fluid Kinematics Download
Chapter 5 Fluid Control Volume Analysis Download
Chapter 6 Differential Analysis of Fluid Flow Download
Chapter 7 Similitude ,Dimensional Analysis and Modelling Download
Chapter 8 Viscous Flow in Pipes Download
Chapter 9 Flow Over Immersed Bodies Download
Chapter 10 Open Channel Flow Download
Chapter 11 Compressible Flow Download
Chapter 12 Turbomachines Download

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Author:    B. R. Munson, D F Young, T H Okishii
Publisher:    Wiley India, New Delhi
ISBN:    98-1253-221-8
Contributor:    Ankit Garg
Institute/Organization:    DCRUST
Department/Designation:    Chemical Engineering
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics