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Mechanics of Materials

Click to view -Chapter 1 Equilibrium of a deformable body

Resultant Force

Click to view -Chapter 10 Strain Transformation

Orientation of the plane

Click to view -Chapter 14 Energy Methods

Strain Energy

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1 Equilibrium of a deformable body Download
Chapter 2 Strain Download
Chapter 3 Mechanics Properties of Materials Download
Chapter 4 Axial Load Download
Chapter 5 Torsion Download
Chapter 6 Bending Download
Chapter 7 Transverse Shear Download
Chapter 8 Combined Loadings Download
Chapter 9 Stress Transformation Download
Chapter 10 Strain Transformation Download
Chapter 11 Design of Beams and Shafts Download
Chapter 12 Deflection of Beams and Shaft Download
Chapter 13 Buckling of Columns Download
Chapter 14 Energy Methods Download
APPENDIX_A: Geomatric Properties of an Area Download

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Author:    R. C. Hibbeler
Publisher:    Pearson Prentice Hall
ISBN:    978-013-602230-5
Contributor:    Ankit Garg
Institute/Organization:    DCRUST, Murthal
Department/Designation:    Chemical Engineering
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Mechanics of Materials