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Elements of Physical Chemistry

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Chapter 4_Elements of Physical Chemistry

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Chapter 6_Elements of Physical Chemistry

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Chapter 7_Elements of Physical Chemistry

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Introduction_chapter0 Download
The Properties of gases_chapter 1 Download
Thermodynamics:The first law_chapter2 Download
Thermochemistry_chapter3 Download
Thermodynamics:The second law_chapter 4 Download
The properties of mixtures_chapter 6 Download
principles of chemical equilibrium_chapter 7 Download
consequences of equilibrium_chapter 8 Download
electrochemistry_chapter9 Download
The rates of reactions_chapter10 Download
Accounting for the rate laws_chapter 11 Download
Quantum Theory_chapter 12 Download
Atomic Structure_chapter 13 Download
Metallic and Ionic solids_chapter 15 Download
Molecular Substances_chapter16 Download
Molecular rotations and vibrations_chapter 17 Download
Electronic Transitions_chapter 18 Download
Magnetic resonance_chapter 19 Download
Statistical Thermodynamics_chapter 20 Download

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Author:    Atkins Peter
Publisher:    Oxford University Press
ISBN:    0199608113
Contributor:    Devika Raj
Institute/Organization:    RVR college of Engineering
Department/Designation:    Electronics and Communication En
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Elements of Physical Chemistry