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Examples in Thermodynamics Problems

Click to view -Chapter1: Heating and expansion of gases entropy

Heat supplied

Click to view -Chapter3: Properties of steam

Thermal capacity

Click to view -Chapter5: The steam engine

Ideal efficiency

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Chapter1: Heating and expansion of gases entropy Download
Chapter2: Air cycle eciencies Download
Chapter3: Properties of steam Download
Chapter4: The steam engine Download
Chapter5: The steam engine Download
Chapter6: Flow through nozzles steam turbines Download
Chapter7: Combustion boiler trials Download
Chapter8: Internal combustion engines Variable speci c heats Download
Chapter9: Valve Dlagrams and value gears Download

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Publisher:    Sir Isaac Pitman, London
ISBN:    978-0471862567
Contributor:    Tarun Kumar Das
Institute/Organization:    College of Engineering
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Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
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