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A Textbook Of Engineering Physics

Click to view -Chapter11-Architectural Acoustics

Chapter11-Architectural Acoustics

Click to view -Chapter12-Ultrasonics


Click to view -Chapter13-Atomic Physics

Chapter13-Atomic Physics

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Chapter4-Electron Ballistics Download
Chapter5-Electron Optics Download
Chapter6-Properties of light Download
Chapter7-Interfernce and Diffraction Download
Chapter8-Polarization Download
Chapter11-Architectural Acoustics Download
Chapter12-Ultrasonics Download
Chapter13-Atomic Physics Download
Chapter14-Lasers Download
Chapter15-Atomic Nucleus And Nuclear Energy Download
Chapter16-Structure of Solids Download
Chapter17-The Band theory of Solids Download
Chapter18-Semi Conductors Download
Chapter19-PN-junction Diode Download
Chapter21-Magnetic Materials Download
Chapter22-SuperConductivity Download
Chapter23-Di-electrics Download
Chapter24-Fibre optics Download

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Author:    M. N. Avadhanulu, And P. G. Kshirsagar
Publisher:    S. Chand And Company, New Delhi
ISBN:    81-219-0817-5
Contributor:    kartik sankhla
Institute/Organization:    iitbombay
Department/Designation:    aerospace engnieering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    A Textbook Of Engineering Physics