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Thermodynamics for Engineers

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Chapter11_Thermodynamics of fluid flow

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Chapter12_heat transfer

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Chapter5_actual gases Download
Chapter7_Entropy Download
Chapter8_Availability of energy Download
Chapter10_vapors Download
Chapter11_Thermodynamics of fluid flow Download
Chapter12_heat transfer Download
Chapter13_non reactive and reactive gaseous mixtures Download
Chapter14_energies associated with chemical reactions Download
Chapter15_thermodynamics of chemial reactions Download
Chapter16_Gas cycles Download
Chapter17_Internal Combustion engines Download
Chapter18_Gas Compressors Download
Chapter19_Gas Turbines Download
Chapter20_Vapor Power Cycles Download
Chapter21_Steam turbines Download
Chapter22_refrigeration Download
Chapter23_gas vapor mixtures Download

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Author:    J.S. Doolittle
Publisher:    The Haddon Craftsmen, USA
ISBN:    978-1439845592
Contributor:    Sashank konete
Institute/Organization:    IIT Bombay
Department/Designation:    Chemical Engineering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Thermodynamics for Engineers