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Mechanics of Structures

Click to view -Chapter3-impact or shock loading:strain energy

Chapter3-impact or shock loading:strain energy

Click to view -Chapter12-Shafts and springs in torsion

Chapter12-Shafts and springs in torision

Click to view -Chapter13-Elements of reinforced concrete

Chapter13-Elements of reinforced Concrete

Chapters Download Links
Chapter1-Simple stresses and strains Download
Chapter2-principal planes and principal stresses Download
Chapter3-impact or shock loading:strain energy Download
Chapter5-beams and bending Download
Chapter6-beams and bending part3 Download
Chapter8-direct and bending stresses Download
Chapter9-Columns and struts of unifom section Download
Chapter10-Radial pressure -cylindrical and spherical shells Download
Chapter11-riveted joints Download
Chapter12-Shafts and springs in torsion Download
Chapter13-Elements of reinforced concrete Download

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Author:    S. B. Junnarkar
Publisher:    N. Hernandez
ISBN:    8185594678
Contributor:    bikash behera
Institute/Organization:    iitbombay
Department/Designation:    aerospace engnieering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Mechanics of Structures