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Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Click to view -Chapter 6: Quantum Mechanics II

Probability of Particles

Click to view -Chapter 12: The Atomic Nucleus

Neutron & Proton Decay

Click to view -Chapter 4: Structure of the Atom

Non-relativistic treatment

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Chapter 2: Special theory of Relativity Download
Chapter 3: The Experimental Basis of Quantum Physics Download
Chapter 4: Structure of the Atom Download
Chapter 5: Wave Properties of Matter and Quantum Mechanics I Download
Chapter 6: Quantum Mechanics II Download
Chapter 7: The Hydrogen Atom Download
Chapter 8: Atomic Physics Download
Chapter 9: Statistical Physics Download
Chapter 10: Molecules, Lasers and Solids Download
Chapter 11: Semiconductor Theory and Devices Download
Chapter 12: The Atomic Nucleus Download
Chapter 13: Nuclear Interactions and Applications Download
Chapter 14: Particle Physics Download
Chapter 15: General Relativity Download
Chapter 16: Cosmology and Modern Astrophysics - The Beginning and the End Download

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Author:    S. T. Thornton and A. Rex
Publisher:    Cengage Learning, USA
ISBN:    978-1-133-10372-1
Contributor:    Niren Negandhi
Institute/Organization:    Avaya India Pvt. Ltd.
Department/Designation:    Senior Technical Specialist
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers