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Physical Chemistry

Click to view -chapter13_Thermodynamic changes accompanying chemical reaction

chapter13_Thermodynamic changes accompanying chemical reaction

Click to view -chapter11_Condensed phases

chapter11_Condensed phases

Click to view -chapter12_Physical Equilibria

chapter12_Physical Equilibria

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chapter1_Matter and its atomic nature Download
chapter2_Particles Atomic and subatomic Download
chapter3_Waves and Quanta Download
chapter4_Molecular energy levels Download
chapter6_Valence electrons in molecules Download
chapter7_Gases and Introductory stastical thermodynamics Download
chapter8_First law of thermodynamics Download
chapter9_Boltzmann distribution law Download
chapter10_Second law of thermodynamics Download
chapter11_Condensed phases Download
chapter12_Physical Equilibria Download
chapter13_Thermodynamic changes accompanying chemical reaction Download
chapter14_Development and use of activity concepts Download
chapter15_Electrochemistry Download
chapter16_Typical mechanisms and rate laws Download
chapter17_Resolving Kinetic data Download
chapter18_Catalysis Download
chapter19_Photochemistry Download

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Author:    Duffey George H
Publisher:    New York : McGraw-Hill
ISBN:    1429218126
Contributor:    Ajay Theetla
Institute/Organization:    IIT Bombay
Department/Designation:    Chemical Engineering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Physical Chemistry