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Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Click to view -Chapter1-Introduction


Click to view -Chapter2-Theories of stress and strain

Chapter2-Theories of Stress and strain

Click to view -Chapter3-Linear stress -strain-temperature relations

Chapter3-Linear Stress-Strain-Temperature Relations

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Chapter1-Introduction Download
Chapter2-Theories of stress and strain Download
Chapter3-Linear stress -strain-temperature relations Download
Chapter4-Inelastic material behaviour Download
Chapter5-Applications Energy methods Download
Chapter6-Torsion Download
Chapter7-Bending of straight beams Download
Chapter8-Shear centre for thin walled beam cross sections Download
Chapter9-Curved beams Download
Chapter10-Beams on elastic foundations Download
Chapter11-The thick wall cylinder Download
Chapter12-Elastic and Inelastic stability of columns Download
Chapter13-Flast plates Download
Chapter14-Stress Concentrations Download
Chapter15-Fracture Mechanics Download
Chapter16-Fatigue:Progressive fracture Download
Chapter17-Contact stress Download

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Author:    A. P. Boresi and R. J. Schmidt
Publisher:    John Wiley and Sons, USA
ISBN:    978-0-471-43881-6
Contributor:    bharth kumar
Institute/Organization:    J.B. Institute of Engineering and Technology
Department/Designation:    computer science
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Advanced Mechanics of Materials