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Electronic Devices And Circuits

Click to view -Chapter 1 : Electron Dynamics and CRO

Example 1.4 : Potential Calculation

Click to view -Chapter 4 :Transistor Characteristics

Example 4.9 : Barrier Potential

Click to view -Chapter 7 : Feedback Amplifiers

Feedback amplifier parameters

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Chapter 1 : Electron Dynamics and CRO Download
Chapter 2 : Junction Diode Characteristics Download
Chapter 3 : Rectifiers Filters and Regulators Download
Chapter 4 :Transistor Characteristics Download
Chapter 5: Transistor biasing and Stabilization Download
Chapter 6: Amplifiers Download
Chapter 7 : Feedback Amplifiers Download

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Author:    K. L. Kishore
Publisher:    BS Publications, Hyderabad
ISBN:    81-7800-167-5
Contributor:    Yogesh Patil
Institute/Organization:    Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune
Department/Designation:    Instrumentation and Control Engg
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Electronic Devices And Circuits