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Manufacturing Science

Click to view -Chapter - 02, Casting Processes

Filling Time

Click to view -Chapter - 03, Forming Processes

Mill Power

Click to view -Chapter - 04, Machining Processes

Friction Coefficient

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Chapter - 02, Casting Processes Download
Chapter - 03, Forming Processes Download
Chapter - 04, Machining Processes Download
Chapter - 05, Joining Processes Download
Chapter - 06, Unconventional Machining Process Download
Chapter - 07, Manufacturing in the twenty-first century:micromachining, generatice manufacturing, and self assembly Download

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Author:    A. Ghosh And A. K. Mallik
Publisher:    Ellis Horwood
ISBN:    9788176710633
Contributor:    Mohd Asif
Institute/Organization:    Jagen Technologies, New Delhi
Department/Designation:    Software Developer
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Manufacturing Science