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Microwave Engineering

Click to view -Ch-1 : Microwaves

Reflection Coefficient

Click to view -Ch-6 : Microwave Travelling Wave Tubes O Type

Axial Phase Velocity

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Reflection Coefficient

Chapters Download Links
Ch-1 : Microwaves Download
Ch-2 : Waveguides Download
Ch-3 : Microwave Network Analysis Download
Ch-4: Microwave resonators & Waveguide components Download
Ch-5 : Microwave tubes Klystrons Download
Ch-6 : Microwave Travelling Wave Tubes O Type Download
Ch-7 : Cross Field Microwave tube M Type Download
Ch-8 : Microwave Solid State Control Device Download
Ch-9 : Microwave Solid State Generators & Amplifiers Download
Ch-10 : Striplines & Microstrip lines Download
Ch-11 : Microwave Integrated Circuits Download
Ch-12 : Microwave Measurements Download

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Author:    G. S. Raghuvanshi
Publisher:    Cengage Learning, New Delhi
ISBN:    978-81-315-1721-5
Contributor:    Nitin Kumar
Institute/Organization:    Uttarakhand Technical University
Department/Designation:    EC
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Microwave Engineering