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Radio - Frequency And Microwave Communication Circuits

Click to view -Chapter 2: Communication Systems

Polarization Loss factor

Click to view -Chapter 8: Two-Port Networks


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Load Impedance

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 2: Communication Systems Download
Chapter 3: Transmission Lines Download
Chapter 4: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Download
Chapter 5: Resonant Circuits Download
Chapter 6: Impedance-Matching Networks Download
Chapter 7: Impedance Transformers Download
Chapter 8: Two-Port Networks Download
Chapter 9: Filter Design Download
Chapter 10: Signal-Flow Graphs and their Applications Download
Chapter 11: Transistor Amplifier Design Download
Chapter 12: Oscillator Design Download
Chapter 13: Detectors and Mixers Download

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Author:    D. K. Mishra
Publisher:    John Wiley & Sons Inc.,
ISBN:    0-471-47873-3
Contributor:    Muktesh Chaudhary
Institute/Organization:    Anglo Eastern ship management india Pvt. Ltd
Department/Designation:    Electrical & Electronics Officer
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Radio - Frequency And Microwave Communication Circuits