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Semiconductor Devices Basic Principle

Click to view -Chapter01: Electrons In Solids

density of states

Click to view -Chapter 06: Semiconductor Junctions With Metals And Insulators

sheet resistance

Click to view -Chapter 10: MOSFET:Technology Driver

cutoff frequency of the device

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Chapter01: Electrons In Solids Download
Chapter 02: Electrons In Semiconductors Download
Chapter 03: Carrier Dynamics In Semiconductors Download
Chapter 05: Junctions In Semiconductors:P-N Diodes Download
Chapter 06: Semiconductor Junctions With Metals And Insulators Download
Chapter 07: Bipolar Junction Transistors Download
Chapter 08: Field Effect Transistors:JFET/MESFET Download
Chapter 09: Field Effect Transistors:MOSFET Download
Chapter 10: MOSFET:Technology Driver Download
Chapter 11: Semiconductor Optoelectronics Download

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