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Basic Mathematics for Electricity and Electronics

Click to view -Chapter 1:Basic Electricity and Algebra


Click to view -Chapter 15:Parallel AC Circuits

Resonant frequency

Click to view -Chapter 12:Trigonometry and Vectors

Degree to radians

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Chapter 1:Basic Electricity and Algebra Download
Chapter 2:Fractions,Decimals,and Percentage Download
Chapter 3:Power and Energy Download
Chapter 4:Powers of 10 and Logarithms Download
Chapter 5:Resistance and Wire Size Download
Chapter 6:Series Circuits Download
Chapter 7:Parallel Circuits Download
Chapter 10:Inductance Download
Chapter 11:Capacitance Download
Chapter 12:Trigonometry and Vectors Download
Chapter 13:Alternating Current Download
Chapter 14:Series AC Circuits Download
Chapter 15:Parallel AC Circuits Download

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Author:    Arthur Beiser
Publisher:    Schaum's Outline Series McGraw Hill
ISBN:    0-07-004439-2
Institute/Organization:    Sona College of Technology
Department/Designation:    computer science and engineering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Basic Mathematics for Electricity and Electronics