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Principles Of Electric Machines And Power Electronics

Click to view -Chapter3:Electromechanical Energy Conversion

The stored field energy and the lifting force are calculated for the given data

Click to view -Chapter4:DC Machines

The torque of the motor is computed using the given information

Click to view -Chapter9:Transients and Dynamics

The armature current is computed as a function of time based on the given data

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Chapter1:Magnetic Circuits Download
Chapter2:Transformers Download
Chapter3:Electromechanical Energy Conversion Download
Chapter4:DC Machines Download
Chapter5:Induction (Asychronous) Machines Download
Chapter6:Synchronous Machines Download
Chapter7:Single Phase Motors Download
Chapter8:Special Machines Download
Chapter9:Transients and Dynamics Download
Chapter10:Power Semiconductor Converters Download

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Author:    P. C. Sen
Publisher:    John Wiley And Sons, Australia
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Contributor:    Meena Chandrupatla
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