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A textbook of Internal Combustion Engines

Click to view -CHAPTER 3 - Air Standard Cycles

Heat Transfer

Click to view -CHAPTER 4 - Fuel-Air & Actual Cycles

Cycle work & Efficiency

Click to view -CHAPTER 7 - Air capacity of four stroke engines

Volumatric efficiency

Chapters Download Links
CHAPTER 3 - Air Standard Cycles Download
CHAPTER 4 - Fuel-Air & Actual Cycles Download
CHAPTER 5 - Combustion in S.I. Engines Download
CHAPTER 7 - Air capacity of four stroke engines Download
CHAPTER 11 - Carburetion and Carburettors Download
CHAPTER-12 Fuel injection systems for C.I. Engines Download
CHAPTER 15 - Engine Cooling Download
CHAPTER 16 - Supercharging of I.C. Engines Download
CHAPTER 17 - Testing and performance of I.C. engines Download
CHAPTER 20 - Air Compressors Download
CHAPTER 21 - Gas turbines and jet propulsion Download

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Author:    R. K. Rajput
Publisher:    Laxmi Publications, New delhi
ISBN:    817008637X
Contributor:    Mohd Rizwan
Institute/Organization:    Techwords Institute Roorkee
Department/Designation:    Electronics
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    A textbook of Internal Combustion Engines