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Numerical Methods For Engineers

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Eulers Method

Chapters Download Links
CHAPTER 1 : Mathematical Modeling And Engineering Problem Solving Download
CHAPTER 3 : Approximations and Round off Errors Download
Chapter 4 : Truncation Errors and the Taylor Series Download
Chapter 5 : Bracketing Methods Download
Chapter 6 : Open Methods Download
Chapter 7 : Roots of polynomials Download
Chapter - 9 : Gauss Eliminations Download
Chapter 10 : LU Decomposition and matrix inverse Download
Chapter - 11 : Special Matrices and Gauss-Seidel Download
Chapter - 13 : One-Dimensional Unconstrained Optimization Download
Chapter-14 : Multidimensional Unconstrained Optimization Download
Chapter-15 : Constrained Optimization Download
Chapter-17 : Least-squares Regression Download
Chapter-18 : Interpolation Download
Chapter-19 : Fourier Approximation Download
Chapter 21 Newtin-cotes integration formula Download
Chapter-22 : Integration of Equations Download
Chapter-23 : Numerical Differentiation Download
Chapter-25 : Runge-Kutta Methods Download
Chapter-26 : Stiffness & Multi step Methods Download

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Author:    S. C. Chapra And R. P. Canale
Publisher:    McGraw Hill, New York
ISBN:    0071244298
Contributor:    Mohd arif
Institute/Organization:    UKTU
Department/Designation:    EC
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Numerical Methods For Engineers