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Electronics Circuits and Systems

Click to view -Chapter 13 - Non-linear Analog Systems

Output of Log Op-amp

Click to view -Chapter 13 - Non-linear Analog Systems

Log Op-amp

Click to view -Chapter 13 - Non-linear Analog Systems

Antilog Op-amp

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Chapter1 - Vaccum Tubes and Semiconductors Download
Chapter 2 - The Semiconductor Diode Download
Chapter 3 - Bipolar Junction Transistor Download
Chapter 4 - Field Effect Transistors Download
Chapter 5 - Basic Transistor Amplifiers Download
Chapter 6 - Multitransistor and Multistage Amplifier Download
Chapter 7 - Feedback Amplifiers and Sinusoidal Oscillators Download
Chapter 8 - Linear Op-amp Systems Download
Chapter 9 - Digital Circuits and Logic Families Download
Chapter 10 - Combinational Logic Systems Download
Chapter 11 - Sequential Logic Systems Download
Chapter 12 - Waveshaping and Waveform Generation Download
Chapter 13 - Non-linear Analog Systems Download
Chapter 14 - Digital-Analog Systems Download

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Author:    Y. N. Bapat
Publisher:    Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi
ISBN:    0-07-460040-0
Contributor:    Vinesh Saini
Institute/Organization:    Uttarakhand Technical University
Department/Designation:    Assistant Professor
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Electronics Circuits and Systems