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Stoichiometry And Process Calculations

Click to view -Chapter 6 Vapour Pressure

Construction of the cox chart

Click to view -Chapter 7 Solutions and Phase Behaviour

Mole Fraction

Click to view -Chapter 8 Humidity and Humidity chart

Temperature vs Benzene

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 2 Units and Dimensions Download
Chapter 3 Fundamental concepts of stoichiometry Download
Chapter 4 Ideal Gases and Gas Mixtures Download
Chapter 5 Properties of Real Gases Download
Chapter 6 Vapour Pressure Download
Chapter 7 Solutions and Phase Behaviour Download
Chapter 8 Humidity and Humidity chart Download
Chapter 9 Material Balance in Unit Operations Download
Chapter 10 Material Balance with Chemical Reaction Download
Chapter 11 Energy Balance Thermophysics Download
Chapter 12 Energy Balance Thermochemistry Download

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Author:    K. V. Narayanan And B. Lakshmikutty
Publisher:    Prentice Hall Of India, New Delhi
ISBN:    81-203-2992-9
Contributor:    dolar khachariya
Institute/Organization:    IIT Bombay
Department/Designation:    Electrical Eng. Dept.
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Stoichiometry And Process Calculations