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Principles Of Fluid Mechanics

Click to view -Chapter 1 Basic Concepts

Chapter 1 Basic Concepts

Click to view -Chapter 9 Potential Flow

Chapter 9 Potential Flow

Click to view -Chapter 10 The Boundary Layer

Chapter 10 The Boundary Layer

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1 Basic Concepts Download
Chapter 2 Fluid Statics Download
Chapter 3 Conservation Principle of Mass Download
Chapter 4 Conservation Principle of Momentum Download
Chapter 5 Conservation Principle of Energy Download
Chapter 6 Dimensional Analysis and Similitude Download
Chapter 7 In compressible Flow through Conduits Download
Chapter 8 Uniform Open Channel Flow Download
Chapter 9 Potential Flow Download
Chapter 10 The Boundary Layer Download
Chapter 11 Forces on Immersed Bodies Download

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Author:    M. K. Natarajan
Publisher:    Oxford and IBH Publishing Co.
ISBN:    8120408888
Contributor:    Nirav Lalani
Institute/Organization:    Freelancer
Department/Designation:    Computer Science
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Principles Of Fluid Mechanics