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Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated Circuit

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2.2_threshold voltage

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3.4_load resistance

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4.1_Find Temprature

Chapters Download Links
15_First Experiences with Op Amp Download
16_Inverting and Non Inverting Amplifiers Download
14_Comparators and Controls Download
13_Selected applications of Op Amps Download
12_Signal Generators Download
10_Op Amps with diodes Download
11_Differential, Instrumentation and Bridge amplifiers Download
9_DC Performance :Bias,Offsets and Drift Download
8_AC Performance : Bandwidth, Slew rate and Noise Download
7_Active Filters Download
6_Modulating,Demodulating and frequency Changing with the multiplier Download
5_Integrated circuit Timers Download
4_Digital to analog Converters Download
3_Analog to digital converters Download
2 _Power Supplies Download

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Author:    R F Coughline anf F F Driscoll
Publisher:    Prentice Hall, United states
ISBN:    978-0130149916
Contributor:    Rahul garg
Institute/Organization:    MDU,Rohtak
Department/Designation:    ECE
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated Circuit