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Magnifying C

Click to view -Chapter 02: Syntactic Aspects

Conversion of temperature in Fahrenheit to Centigrade

Click to view -Chapter 07: Recursion

To check whether a number is prime or composite

Click to view -Chapter 10: Miscellany

To calculate the factorial of a number passed as a command line argument

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Chapter 02: Syntactic Aspects Download
Chapter 03: Simple Programs Download
Chapter 04: Functions Download
Chapter 05: Pointers Download
Chapter 06: Storage Classes Download
Chapter 07: Recursion Download
Chapter 08: Arrays Download
Chapter 09: More on Pointers Download
Chapter 10: Miscellany Download
Chapter 11: Structures and Unions Download
Chapter 12: Files Download

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Author:    Arpita Gopal
Publisher:    Prentice Hall India Learning Private Limited, New Delhi
ISBN:    9788120338616
Contributor:    Mahesh M
Institute/Organization:    MSIT
Department/Designation:    CSE
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Magnifying C