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Mass - Transfer Operations

Click to view -Chapter 03: Mass Transfer Coeffecients

Mass transfer coefficient in laminar flow

Click to view -Chapter 05: Interphase Mass Transfer

Local overall mass transfer coefficient

Click to view -Chapter 13: Leaching

Multistage Countercurrent Leaching

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 01:The Mass Transfer Operations Download
Chapter 02: Molecular Diffusion In Fluids Download
Chapter 03: Mass Transfer Coeffecients Download
Chapter 04: Diffusion In Solids Download
Chapter 05: Interphase Mass Transfer Download
Chapter 06: Equipment for Gas Liquid Operation Download
Chapter 07: Humidification Operation Download
Chapter 08: Gas Absorption Download
Chapter 09: Distillation Download
Chapter 10: Liquid Extraction Download
Chapter 11: Adsorption and Ion Exchange Download
Chapter 12: Drying Download
Chapter 13: Leaching Download

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Author:    R. E. Treybal
Publisher:    McGraw - Hill Book Company, Malaysia
ISBN:    0070651760
Contributor:    Ishita Tewari
Institute/Organization:    Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida
Department/Designation:    School of Biotechnology
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
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