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Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics

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Internal combustion_chap23

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Air-water vapor mixtures_chap25

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Work_Chap2 Download
Temperature and heat_chap3 Download
First law of thermodynamics_chap5 Download
Flow processes:First analysis_chap6 Download
Basic applications of second law_chap8 Download
Tabulated properties: steam tables_chap10 Download
Properties of gases_chap11 Download
Properties of gaseous mixtures_chap12 Download
Process calculations for stationary systems_chap13 Download
the rankine cycle_chap14 Download
vapor cycles:more efficient cycles_chap15 Download
Gas cycles_chap16 Download
Fluid Flow:Nozzles and orifices_chap17 Download
Turbines_chap18 Download
Reciprocating expanders and compressors_chap19 Download
Gas compression_chap21 Download
Combustion processes:First law analysis_chap22 Download
Internal combustion_chap23 Download
Refrigeration_chap24 Download
Air-water vapor mixtures_chap25 Download

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Author:    Mooney D A
Publisher:    Prentice Hall, London
ISBN:    1466511796
Contributor:    Chaitanya Potti
Institute/Organization:    IITB
Department/Designation:    Chemical engineering
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics