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Elements of Electromagnetics

Click to view -Chapter 10 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

Cosine Propogating Wave

Click to view -Chapter 7 Magnetostatic Fields


Click to view -Chapter 11 Transmission Lines

I(0, t) I(l,t)

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1 Vector Analysis Download
Chapter 2 Coordinate Systems and Transformation Download
Chapter 3 Vector Calculus Download
Chapter 4 Electrostatic Fields Download
Chapter 5 Electric Fields in Material Space Download
Chapter 6 Electrostatic Boundary Value Problems Download
Chapter 7 Magnetostatic Fields Download
Chapter 8 Magnetic Forces, Materials and Devices Download
Chapter 9 Maxwells Equations Download
Chapter 10 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Download
Chapter 11 Transmission Lines Download
Chapter 12 Waveguides Download
Chapter 13 Antennas Download
Chapter 14 Modern Topics Download

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Author:    M. N. O. Sadiku
Publisher:    Oxford University Press
ISBN:    195686233
Contributor:    Vishal MV
Institute/Organization:    Indian Institute of Engineering Bombay
Department/Designation:    Physics
Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
GitHub:    Elements of Electromagnetics