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Linear Integrated Circuits

Click to view -Chapter 4 Applications Of Operational Amplifiers

Input and Output Waveforms for integrator

Click to view -Chapter 4 Applications Of Operational Amplifiers

Input Output Wavwforms of the Differentiator

Click to view -Chapter 6 Active Filters

Frequency Response of second Order Highpass Filter

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1 Integrated Circuit Fabrication Download
Chapter 2 Circuit Configurations For Linear IC's Download
Chapter 3 Operational Amplifier Charecteristics Download
Chapter 4 Applications Of Operational Amplifiers Download
Chapter 5 Operationl Amplifier- Non Linear Circuit Download
Chapter 6 Active Filters Download
Chapter 7 Waveform Generators Download
Chapter 8 Voltage Regulators Download
Chapter 9 Analog Multipliers Download
Chapter 10 Phase Locked Loop Download
Chapter 11 D\A and A\D Converters Download

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Author:    S Shalivahanan, V S Kanchana Bhaaskaran
Publisher:    Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Dehli
ISBN:    0-07-064818-2
Contributor:    Sagar Shinde
Institute/Organization:    Vishwakarma institute of Technology, Pune.
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Reviewer:    Jovina D'Souza
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