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The Spirit of C

Click to view -Chapter 02:An Introduction to Declarations, Assignments and Variables

Variable Declarations and Assignments

Click to view -Chapter 01:Elementary Programming

Program to calculate the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle

Click to view -Chapter 03:Integer Arithmetic Expressions

Integer Arithmetics

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 01:Elementary Programming Download
Chapter 02:An Introduction to Declarations, Assignments and Variables Download
Chapter 03:Integer Arithmetic Expressions Download
Chapter 04:Some More Data Types Download
Chapter 05:Making Decisions in C Download
Chapter 06:The while and do...while Loops Download
Chapter 07:The for Loop Download
Chapter 08:A Detailed Look at the printf and scanf Functions Download
Chapter 09:User-Defined Functions Download
Chapter 10:Arrays Download
Chapter11:Pointers and Indirection Download
Chapter 12:Strings and String Functions Download
Chapter 13:Structures Download
Chapter 14:Input/Output and Files Download

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Author:    Henry Mullish,Herbert L. Cooper
Publisher:    Jaico Publishing House, Mumbai
ISBN:    81-7224-040-6
Contributor:    Piyush Subedi
Institute/Organization:    Sona College of Technology
Department/Designation:    Computer Science
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    The Spirit of C