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Analog Integrated Circuits

Click to view -Chapter04 : Basic application of an op-amp

Value of Constant A & B

Click to view -Chapter04 : Basic application of an op-amp

Unknown Resistance

Click to view -Chapter09 : Voltage Regulators

Resistance and Voltage

Chapters Download Links
Chapter01 : Differential Amplifiers Download
Chapter02 : Op-amp Fundamentals Download
Chapter03 : Op-amp with negative feedback Download
Chapter04 : Basic application of an op-amp Download
Chapter05 : Waveform generators Download
Chapter06 : Active Filters Download
Chapter07 : Non-linear circuits Download
Chapter09 : Voltage Regulators Download

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Author:    Pramod Sharma
Publisher:    S.k. Kataria & Sons, Delhi
ISBN:    81-89757-74-1
Contributor:    Priyanka Saini
Institute/Organization:    UKTU
Department/Designation:    EN
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Analog Integrated Circuits