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Electrical Measurements And Measuring Instruments

Click to view -Chapter1 - Standards, Units & Dimensions

Resistance & Uncertainty

Click to view -Chapter7 - Measurement of Capacitance & Inductance

Resistance & Inductance

Click to view -Chapter10 - Magnetic Measurements

Relative Permeability

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Chapter1 - Standards, Units & Dimensions Download
Chapter2 - Calculation of Capacitance & Inductance Download
Chapter3 - Principal of Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments Download
Chapter4 - Measurement of Resistance Download
Chapter5 - Potentiometer Download
Chapter6 - Location of the Faults Download
Chapter7 - Measurement of Capacitance & Inductance Download
Chapter8 - Measurement of Power Download
Chapter9 - Instrument Transformers Download
Chapter10 - Magnetic Measurements Download
Chapter12 - Basic Transducers Download
Chapter14 - Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Download
Chapter16 - Polyphase Systems Download

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Author:    N. V. Suryanarayana
Publisher:    S. Chand And Co. Ltd., New Delhi
ISBN:    81-7409-213-7
Contributor:    Vinesh Saini
Institute/Organization:    Uttarakhand Technical University
Department/Designation:    Assistant Professor
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Electrical Measurements And Measuring Instruments