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Microelectronic Circuits

Click to view -CHAPTER 05: Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)

Common Emitter circuit

Click to view -CHAPTER 05: Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)

Circuit to find node voltages and branch currents

Click to view -CHAPTER 10: Digital CMOS Logic Circuits

Pseudo NMOS inverter

Chapters Download Links
CHAPTER 01 : Introduction to Electronics Download
CHAPTER 02: Operational Amplifiers Download
CHAPTER 03: Diodes Download
CHAPTER 04: MOS Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) Download
CHAPTER 05: Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) Download
CHAPTER 06: Single-Stage Integrated-Circuit Amplifiers Download
CHAPTER 07: Differential and Multistage Amplifiers Download
CHAPTER 08 : Feedback Download
CHAPTER 09: Operational-Amplifier and Data-Converter Circuits Download
CHAPTER 10: Digital CMOS Logic Circuits Download
Chapter 11: Memory and Advanced Digital Circuits Download
Chapter12: Filters and Tuned Amplifiers Download
Chapter14: Output Stages and Power Amplifiers Download

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Author:    A.S. Sedra and K.C. Smith
Publisher:    Oxford University Press, New York
ISBN:    0-19-514252-7
Contributor:    Aviral Yadav
Institute/Organization:    ABES Engineering College
Department/Designation:    Mechanical Engineering
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
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