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Nuclear Chemistry through Problems

Click to view -chapter1:Atomic Nucleus

calculation of electric field and force

Click to view -chapter5:Nuclear Reactions

calculation of Q-values

Click to view -chapter9:Isotopes for Nuclear Reactors

calculation of enthalpy for the exchange reaction

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chapter1:Atomic Nucleus Download
chapter2:Properties of Nucleons and Nuclei Download
chapter3:Nuclear Models Download
chapter4:Radioactivity Download
chapter5:Nuclear Reactions Download
chapter6:Nuclear Fission Download
chapter7:Nuclear Reactors Download
chapter8:Detection and Measurment of Activity Download
chapter9:Isotopes for Nuclear Reactors Download
chapter10:Applications of Radioactivity Download
chapter11:Elements of Radiation Chemistry Download

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Author:    H. J. Arnikar and N. S. Rajurkar
Publisher:    New Age International, New Delhi
ISBN:    9788122438161
Contributor:    Raj Phani
Institute/Organization:    vellore institute of technology(vit)
Department/Designation:    ece
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Nuclear Chemistry through Problems