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Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Click to view -chapter 01 : Relativity

Accelerated electron

Click to view -chapter 02 : Quantum Mechanics

Radius & Velocity of electron

Click to view -chapter 05 : Atomic Physics

L-S coupling

Chapters Download Links
chapter 01 : Relativity Download
chapter 02 : Quantum Mechanics Download
chapter 03 : Matter Waves, Wave particle duality & Uncertainty principle Download
chapter 04 : Mechanics Download
chapter 05 : Atomic Physics Download
chapter 06 : X Rays Download
chapter 07 : Molecular Physics Download
chapter 08 : Raman Effect & Spectroscopic Techniques Download
chapter 09 : Interaction of charged Particle and Neutron With Matters Download
chapter 10 : Structure of Nuclei Download
chapter 11 : Nuclear Reactions Download
chapter 12 : Nuclear Models Download

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Author:    N. Subrahmanyam, B. Lal And J. Seshan
Publisher:    S. Chand And Company Ltd., New Delhi
ISBN:    81-219-0414-5
Contributor:    Ankit Kumar
Institute/Organization:    KIET
Department/Designation:    EN
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Atomic and Nuclear Physics