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Electric Machinery And Transformers

Click to view -Chapter 3: Principles of Electromechanical Conversion

Energy stored in Magnetic field

Click to view -Chapter 7: Synchronous Generators

Pitch factor

Click to view -Chapter 12: Special-Purpose Electric Machines

Magnetic flux

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1: Review of Electric Circuit Theory Download
Chapter 2: Review of Basic Laws of Electromagnetism Download
Chapter 3: Principles of Electromechanical Conversion Download
Chapter 4: Transformers Download
Chapter 5: Direct-Current Generators Download
Chapter 6: Direct-Current Motors Download
Chapter 7: Synchronous Generators Download
Chapter 8: Synchronous Motors Download
Chapter 9: Polyphase Induction Motors Download
Chapter 10: Single-Phase Motors Download
Chapter 11: Dynamics of Electric Machines Download
Chapter 12: Special-Purpose Electric Machines Download

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Author:    B. S. Guru And H. R. Hiziroglu
Publisher:    Oxford University Press, New York
ISBN:    9780195138900
Contributor:    Niren Negandhi
Institute/Organization:    Avaya India Pvt. Ltd.
Department/Designation:    Senior Technical Specialist
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Electric Machinery And Transformers