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Introductory Methods Of Numerical Analysis

Click to view -chapter01: Errors in Numerical Calculations

Percentage Accuracy

Click to view -chapter03:Interpolation


Click to view -chapter06:Numerical Differentiation and Integration

Cubic Spline method

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chapter01: Errors in Numerical Calculations Download
chapter02:Solution of Algebraic and Transcendental Equations Download
chapter03:Interpolation Download
chapter04:Least Squares and Fourier Transforms Download
chapter05:Spline Functions Download
chapter06:Numerical Differentiation and Integration Download
chapter07:Numerical Linear Algebra Download
chapter08:Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations Download
chapter09:Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Download

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Author:    S. S. Sastry
Publisher:    Phi Learning
ISBN:    9788120345928
Contributor:    Anshul khare
Institute/Organization:    ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad
Department/Designation:    MCA/Student
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Introductory Methods Of Numerical Analysis