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Antenna Theory - Analysis and Design

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Smart Antennas, Example 1

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Reflector Antennas

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Microstrip Antennas

Chapters Download Links
Fundamental Parameters of Antennas Download
Linear Wire Antennas Download
Loop Antennas Download
Arrays: Linear, Planar and Circular Download
Antenna Synthesis and Continuous Sources Download
Integral Equations, Moment Method and Self and Mutual impedances Download
Broadband Dipoles and Matching Techniques Download
Travelling Wave and Broadband Antennas Download
Frequency Independent Antennas, Antenna Miniaturization and Fractal Antennas Download
Aperture Antennas Download
Horn Antennas Download
Microstrip Antennas Download
Reflector Antennas Download
Smart Antennas Download

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Author:    C.A. Balanis
Publisher:    John Wiley, 1982.
ISBN:    8126524227
Contributor:    Varun Sakpal
Institute/Organization:    D. Y. P. I. E. T, Pimpri, Pune
Department/Designation:    Electronincs & Telecommunication
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Antenna Theory - Analysis and Design