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Engineering Physics

Click to view -Chapter 12 : Semiconductor Physics

Conductivity and Resistivity

Click to view -Chapter 15 : Dielectric Materials

Electric field strength and Dipole Moment

Click to view -Chapter 16 : Magnetic Materials


Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1 : Wave Optics Download
Chapter 2 : Diffraction Download
Chapter 3 : Polarization Download
Chapter 4 : Laser and Holography Download
Chapter 5 : Fibre Optics Download
Chapter 9 : Electromagnetic Theory Download
Chapter 10 : Crystallography and Crystal Imperfections Download
Chapter 11 : Free Electron Theory of Metals Download
Chapter 12 : Semiconductor Physics Download
Chapter 13 : Thin Film Preparation Techniques and their Application Download
Chapter 15 : Dielectric Materials Download
Chapter 16 : Magnetic Materials Download

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Author:    K.J Pratap, G.Prakash Reddy, S.Md.Asadullah, P Madhusudana Rao, B.Bhanu Prasad
Publisher:    New Age International (P) Ltd Publishers ( New Delhi )
ISBN:    978-81-224-2252-8
Contributor:    kapil jain
Institute/Organization:    Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering
Department/Designation:    Information Technology
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Engineering Physics