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Mechanics of Materials

Click to view -Chapter 1 Introduction—Concept of Stress

Introduction—Concept of Stress

Click to view -Chapter 3 Torsion


Click to view -Chapter 9 Deflection of Beams

Deflection of Beams

Chapters Download Links
Chapter 1 Introduction—Concept of Stress Download
Chapter 2 Stress and Strain—Axial Loading Download
Chapter 3 Torsion Download
Chapter 4 Pure Bending Download
Chapter 5 Analysis and Design of Beams for Bending Download
Chapter 6 Shearing Stresses in Beams and Thin-Walled Members Download
Chapter 7 Transformations of Stress and Strain Download
Chapter 8 Principal Stresses under a Given Loading Download
Chapter 9 Deflection of Beams Download
Chapter 10 Columns Download
Chapter 11 Energy Methods Download

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Author:    Ferdinand P.Beer, E.Russel Jhonston Jr., John.T. DEwolf
Publisher:    TMH 2002.
ISBN:    978-0-07-338028-5
Contributor:    Salil Vishnu Kapur
Institute/Organization:    Capgemini
Department/Designation:    Software Engineer
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
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