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Thyristors Theory And Applications

Click to view -Chapter8 Harmonic and PowerFactor with the converter system

To find the harmonic and powerfactor with the converter system

Click to view -Chapter11 Control of DC motors

Finding field converter angle

Click to view -Chapter2 The Device

Estimating the KVA rating of the transformer

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Chapter2 The Device Download
Chapter3 Fabrication and Thermal characteristics Download
Chapter4 Series and Parallel Connection of Thyristors Download
Chapter5 Line Commutated converters Download
Chapter7 Invertor Circuits Download
Chapter8 Harmonic and PowerFactor with the converter system Download
Chapter11 Control of DC motors Download
Chapter12 Controllers and their optimisation Download
Chapter13 Choppers and Transportation system application Download
Chapter15 The AC motor control Download
Chapter16 Faults and protection Download

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Author:    R. K. Sugandhi And K. K. Sugandhi
Publisher:    Wiley Eastern Limited, New Delhi
ISBN:    978-0-85226-852-0
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