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Electronic Communication

Click to view -Chapter9 Single Sideband Modulation

The no.of hamming bits required is computed

Click to view -Chapter12 Digital Communications

Determination of bit error rate

Click to view -Chapter1 Passive Circuits

To find the effective Q-factor

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Chapter1 Passive Circuits Download
Chapter2 Waveform Spectra Download
Chapter4 Noise Download
Chapter5 Tuned Small Signal Amplifiers, Mixers and Active Filters Download
Chapter6 Oscillators Download
Chapter7 Receivers Download
Chapter8 Amplitude Modulation Download
Chapter9 Single Sideband Modulation Download
Chapter10 Angle Modulation Download
Chapter11 Pulse Modulation Download
Chapter12 Digital Communications Download
Chapter13 Transmission Lines and Cables Download
Chapter14 Waveguides Download
Chapter15 Radio Wave Propogation Download
Chapter16 Antennas Download
Chapter17 Telephone Systems Download
Chapter18 Facsimile and Television Download
Chapter19 Satellite Communications Download
Chapter20 Fiber Optic Communication Download

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Author:    D. Roddy
Publisher:    PHI Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
ISBN:    9788120309845
Contributor:    Sumadhuri Damerla
Institute/Organization:    K.L.Univeristy
Department/Designation:    Electronics and Communications
Reviewer:    Trupti Kini
GitHub:    Electronic Communication